About us

Pekka Ketola

Pekka is the CEO and a co-founder of Ideascout. He has a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Tampere. He is a passionate innovator and a researcher with 20 years of practical experience in user-centric product development and innovation management. Pekka is a co-creation pioneer and a visionary entrepreneur with unique insight on future opportunities, customer-centric design and creative problem solving. He has a great ability in perceiving large strategic entities and takes unexpected perspectives.

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Petri Pitkänen

Petri is an entrepreneur, a passionate innovator and a co-founder of Ideascout. He is a co-creation practitioner, a conceptual designer and a product developer who easily turns complexities into simple solutions. Petri’s focus is in city-scale opportunity exploration and in Ideascout Group he leads Scouter business, a radical product development of light electric vehicle systems transforming modern urban cities into people-centric environments. Prior to Ideascout, Petri had over 10 years’ international experience at Nokia in various innovation and development roles.

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Vesa Lahtinen

Vesa is a customer manager in Ideascout. He has extensive knowledge of Finnish media & advertising industry and has over 20 years of experience from leading various brand development programs, marketing campaigns or managing creative agencies. Unique customer experience is an important priority for Vesa. He is an expert in designing superior services across multiple sectors. He develops new business solutions and unconventional value networks. Vesa is good at motivating people and helping them to achieve their very best.



Sini Tiainen

Sini is a consultant in Ideascout. She is a marketing and HR professional with a proven track record in managing people operations, driving marketing & sales activities and developing product portfolios of large multinational companies and SMEs. Her strength lies in understanding the client companies’ needs and their business ecosystems. She believes in human-centric service innovation and her focus is in helping businesses create superior customer experiences and develop their business strategy, organization and teams in a most effective way.



Aleks Blumentals

Aleks is an innovation, incubation and collaboration architect and consultant. He is a practitioner and consultant on large systemic changes, city and region resilience, regeneration and wellbeing. He plans and executes large-scale co-creation events and activities. He drives opportunity discovery and governance. Aleks has over 25 years of experience in business consulting in the US, South America and Europe.

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