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Fortellus Innovation


The innovation company Ideascout Oy[1] (Tampere, Finland) and digital transformation company Global Digital MOJO KK[2] (Osaka, Japan) are organizing the ForTellus Innovation Summit – 2022 through their established partnership to build an innovation ecosystem in Japan and Finland, giving birth to a new era in digital global innovation. The event takes place in Finland and Japan with both international and local online sessions on May 31- June 1, 2022. The event promotes gender equality in technology giving the message of “Girls in Coding”.

[1] Ideascout offers advanced collaborative innovation services for industries. The company is known for strategic innovations, renewal of value chains, and super teams built with extraordinary lead users. (

[2] Global Digital MOJO Japan is the Japan branch of Global Digital MOJO, an international digital transformation company that designs and deploys AI, XR, and new media-driven products and solutions for consumer and business markets. (

Summit Theme

Girls in Coding

– Focus on digital education and gaps in coding resources.
– How to activate girls?
– How to find new learning solutions?
– How to create a new digital education business?


The event includes versatile innovation sessions open for different audiences to participate. Participants will have the opportunity to be a part of an innovation ecosystem, see the novel trends and technologies, spread brand messages with good PR, and find partners overseas:

  • Opportunity Exploration
    • We will explore novel business opportunities and discuss how to engage girls in coding in Japan and Finland.
  • Social Innovation Competition
    • We will develop proposals for solving the challenges and catching the opportunities in Innovation competition with student teams
  • Virtual Japan-Finland School
    • We will experience new kind of Japan-Finland virtual school online, with high school students from both countries.
  • Super Team Project
    • During the summit, a special Japan-Finland lead user project will take place.


Ideascout Oy, Dr. Pekka Ketola

Pekka is the CEO and a co-founder of Ideascout. He has a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Tampere. He is a passionate innovator and a researcher with 20 years of practical experience in user-centric product development and innovation management. Pekka is a co-creation pioneer and a visionary entrepreneur with unique insight on future opportunities, customer-centric design, and creative problem-solving. He has a great ability in perceiving large strategic entities and takes unexpected perspectives.


Global Digital Mojo, Dr. David M L Williams

David is the founder and lead digital strategist of Global Digital MOJO. He holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology and has 20 years of experience in commercial digital experience innovation. Driven by incessant curiosity and a multidisciplinary vision, David speaks 5 languages and has lived or worked in over 20 countries. He sees the collaboration of voices from the arts, science, engineering, and business along with the melding Eastern and Western traditions as the DNA of future successful businesses.



Ideascout Oy

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