Home Schooling Experiences

Covid-19 has taken us to new era in learning and schooling. The situation opens up new possibilities, but also creates concrete challenges for students, teachers, parents and social networks.

What can we learn from experiences around the world? Can we co-design new solutions together? What are the Biggest Opportunities?

Home Schooling Experiences is an international open co-innovation project. We will

  1. Co-innovate home schooling experiences and concepts. Innovation takes place as international collaboration across cultures.
  2. Design the home schooling experiences and propose concrete pilots to be implemented in different cultures and contexts.
  3. Test & pilot the experiences, concepts and proposals in real life situations.

The project is established and conducted by Ideascout Oy (Finland) and Kaizenexperience (Australia).


Are you interested to co-innovate home schooling solutions and learn across cultures. Do you have a problem to be solved?

Let us know by leaving your contact information in the form.

"Home schooling is a whole new world of opportunities. We can connect students and practitioners from all over the world to develop new solutions for resilient learning."

Pekka Ketola, CEO Ideascout

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