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Finnish Medical 3D Printing network advances the translation of medical 3D printing research into practise, by connecting practitioners, researchers, business developers and technology developers.

Network is linked with many areas of research and businesses, such as biomedical research and engineering, medical operations, regulation, technology development, new materials, services and businesses.

Power from co-learning and collaboration!

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We advance the translation by providing efficient collaboration solutions for the whole community to work better with medical 3D printing locally and globally.


The network offers practical services and resources to its members. Find out more here.


The Finnish Medical 3D Printing network:

  • Collaborates between research groups
  • Builds the links between national and international industries and research groups
  • Shares knowledge
  • Facilitates collaboration opportunities with all stakeholders

Why you should join the network?

Finnish Medical 3D Printing network brings together research groups in academia and research institutes, companies and businesses in the fields of bioprinting and medical 3D printing.

Together we will find new solutions, transfer knowledge, make innovative collaboration and enable better future for the better life.

Action – How do we work?

The network is based on shared vision & goals, collaborative actions and innovation. We aim to identify challenges, and work on those as a network. We will tackle different themes in sections.

You are welcome to join the network! Please leave your contact information through sign-up form.

Guilds (sections):

  • Medical 3D printing technologies and software
  • Bioinks and materials
  • Patient needs and end-user centred thinking
  • Funding and investments
  • Productization and product innovation, product development, IPR
  • Regulation
  • Marketing
  • Learning & couching
  • Student activieties
  • Collaboration and synergies
  • Ethics & values

Information about FinMed3DPrint

The main catalyst for the network is Prof. Susanna Miettinen, Ph.D., Doc, Group leader Adult Stem Cell Group, Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology, Tampere University, Tampere, Finland.

Susanna Miettinen has led the Adult Stem Cell Group since 2005. Her group is a multidisciplinary research group combining expertise in cell biology, stem cell technology, engineering, and medicine. The aim is to develop cell-based and tissue-engineered products for clinical use and as in vitro models. Research interests include bone, soft, and vascular tissue engineering combined with biomaterial studies as well as different methods to guide cell differentiation. Ongoing translational and clinical projects (e.g. maxillofacial bone defects) provide a strong link between basic cell biology, tissue engineering, and patient care. In the group, bioprinting is utilized among other applications for developing bioinks and producing 3D bone transplants and vascularization.
For more information, please see

Steering group: Susanna Miettinen, Anni Mörö, Antti Lehtinen, Miina Björninen, Rosanna Silén, Peter Uppstu.

Network organizer is Innovation Company Ideascout.

The network is built together.  We welcome all who want to contribute in advancing the medical 3D printing research, education and business in Finland.

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"Our mission is to make 3D-printed medical products a reality!


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