Nordic XR Hack

Digital worlds. Better life

Nordic XR Hack is a new forum for advancing the use and business based on augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality.

The special theme of the first Nordic XR Hack is:

How to make business with digital twins?

Digital twins are widely referred as huge opportunity for numerous industries.The first implementations are already running in the industry. What are next steps? What are the biggest opportunities? How to reach for the new business?

Special guests: N.N & N.N




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Time & Place: 9am – 4pm, 21.2.2019, Hotel Puijonsarvi, Kuopio

Participation fee: 250€+VAT

The key objective is to co-design new businesses with the industry and developers.


  • 9.00 Showroom of Nordic XR services and products
  • 10.00 Key note talks
  • 11.00 Vision & the biggest opportunities
  • 12.00 Lunch
  • 13.00  Concepts and proposals for the new business
  • 15.00 Evaluation & feedback of the concepts
  • 16.00 End

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"Join the Nordic XR movement! This is the most exciting opportunity to collaborate and to create new digital business."